Spriter implementation for FlatRedBall

For over the past year, I have been working on an API and plugin to use in the FlatRedBall engine that makes it dead simple to load, play, and manipulate Spriter animations in your FlatRedBall games. The implementation is written as an extension to the FlatRedBall engine, so you get all the goodness that comes from using first-class objects that the engine understands.

A few features that other Spriter implementations may not have:

  • Positioning in 3D space
  • Scaling the entire animation
  • Setting animation speed
  • Reversing animation playback (negative speed)
  • Rotating an animation on any axis (X/Y/Z)
  • Cloning animations
  • Playing every entity in an animation file simultaneously via SpriterObjectCollection
    • Every one of the features above works on SpriterObjectCollection as well

This is just a subset of the features in my Spriter implementation. If you are interested, install the FlatRedBall development kit, and head over to the releases section to get the latest release of my plugin. It’s a simple installation process into the Glue tool you get in FRBDK. Follow the tutorials, and you’ll be creating and using Spriter animations in a real game in no time!