Flat Red Pong enters Leap Motion 3DJam, presented by IndieCade.

Flat Red Pong supports the Leap Motion controller, where you simply point a finger at the screen to control the paddle. If you don’t have the controller, though, you can simply use the mouse.

The game has a nearly identical mechanic to the flash game CurveBall. The major difference is that there are no stages, and the action never stops. It’s a throwback to a day when games meant just getting the high score and trying again.

You start with 10 lives and the game is over when you lose your last life. Every time the ball hits your back wall, you lose a life. Every time the ball hits the enemy AI’s back wall, you get a point. There is no winning… you will eventually lose. How high can you get your score? Screenshot or it didn’t happen!

P.S. I am always interested in working with an artist that wants to get his work out there

Here is a game play video: