Learning how to draw: Day 3

It is day 3 of my quest to learn to draw. Already, I am seeing results, but I’m still not entirely happy. I definitely need to continue practicing spheres and drawing guides, as I’m having trouble deciding where the nose and mouth go. I worked a bit this week on drawing a completed sphere with jaw line, and flat section where the side of the head would be. The top right drawing below is about the best I could muster. I will probably end up with another doodle session later today, but I plan on only posting daily updates. Perhaps I’ll renege on that, but that would simply mean more blog posts, which are never a bad thing.

Today’s drawings:

I’m also still having a bit of trouble with the guides and making a circle look like a proper sphere, but I’m hoping that will come with practice.

I am learning to draw!

For my entire life, I have walked around considering myself a non-artist. I just can’t draw. I have pictures in my head, and they seem realistic, but I have never been able to express those images on any medium, be it paper and pencil or digital. Yet, I’ve also always wanted to draw. I want to be able to draw realistic faces, heads, hands, etc. I want to be able to draw characters and bring them to life in environments in my gamedev hobbies. I would love to be able to draw a realistic portrait of someone’s face… I just have no idea how to get there. Every time I put pencil to paper, preschool quality work is all I am able to accomplish.

I recently had a long chat with a professional artist in the FlatRedBall chat room (https://gitter.im/vchelaru/FlatRedBall). He convinced me that realistic illustration is learnable through studying and practicing techniques. For the first time, I garnered a bit of hope that there might be a way to achieve my long time goal after all. I decided to really try to learn to draw, and he shared what he could to get me started.

I was directed towards a book by Andrew Loomis called Drawing the Head and Hands. I’ve decided that before work every morning, I’m going to spend 10-15 minutes drawing or going through the book at a pace I find enjoyable. The book is challenging, and I am an extremely poor artist with no technique or raw talent, so the going has been rough. I’ve only been at it for 2 days, though, so I’m trying to stay positive. In order to master any significantly advanced skill, I know that it takes around 10,000 hours of practice. At 10-15 minutes a day, I’ll be an expert artist in 192 years! Sweet… obviously I’m going to have to do it more and more. Right now, though, I’m just taking my time because I’m trying to establish a pattern of drawing consistently.

Here is the work I have completed over the past 2 days:

I have a long way to go, but I think I see bits of progress. I will post more updates when I can!