My name is Domenic Datti. I am a programmer, and this is my blog. The content and opinions expressed here are my own. I blog about ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, Test Driven Development, and other topics that I find interesting. I am and always have been passionate about what I do, as well as about helping people in the process. If my software and blog don’t help people, then why should I bother?

During the day, I work at a private company in southern New Jersey as a .NET developer, and when the kids are in bed, I do whatever it is that I have time for, which is usually .NET related.

I have a YouTube Channel that displays my hobby game development work, which is done using the FlatRedBall engine/SDK. You can also find me on twitter, the FlatRedBall chat room, or if you’re old school, email works too:



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