I have been hard at work on BeatPong, recently adding a menu system and a score reading at the top. I took the menu system from an XNA creators club example and adapted it to BeatPong. The example can be found here:http://creators.xna.com/en-US/samples/gamestatemanagement. Obviously, if you download the code as is, you will see that the options menu is completely bogus still, so it’s definitely a work in progress.

I think the coolest thing about how this was integrated is that the menu pause works by pausing the game update method essentially and pausing the music simultaneously. It’s a pretty basic function, but one of those things that just feels great to see in your own project.

Also important to note is that the player 2 paddle (right) is controlled by AI. If the ball is above the paddle, it moves up, and if the ball is below the paddle, it moves down. The speed of the paddle is limited to the same speed as the left side’s paddle, making it possible to score.

Here is the video:

3 thoughts on “BeatPong gameplay demo

  1. I don’t know how you have all this time! Glad you’re having fun though!

    Love you!

    Ps. from your daughter:

  2. That’s ok… I fixed it.

    I see my geek powers have transferred to my spawn. World domination is close at hand. Now if I could only write a program to change her poopy diapers!

    Love you too!

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