XNA and Silverlight coming to Windows Mobile!

I purchased an HTC Ozone (upgradable to WM6.5), and a couple months later the Droid came to Verizon. Needless to say, I was upset, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Enter Microsoft:

That’s right… XNA and Silverlight are coming to Windows Mobile 7. Before now, I was just counting the days until my current Verizon contract was up so that I could get my hands on a Droid. That would’ve meant learning a whole new set of development tools, and possibly a new language altogether (I’m not too sure what development for the Android OS is all about). Now, though, my current .NET & XNA skills should be transferable!

A quote from the Engadget article:
…[Charlie] Kindel boldly proclaims that “If you are Silverlight or XNA developer today you’re gonna be really happy.”

I sure am.

I can’t wait to see what all the great XNA devs come up with for the gaming side of things, and it should be pretty interesting to see what type of apps are made using Silverlight. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

My only hope is that they build upon the successes of the Xbox Live Indie Games platform and allow independent game developers to distribute their games and make some cash. Every other similar phone has a market place right now, and to not include that capability would be a devastating mistake on Microsoft’s part. Without the ability to buy a phone, search for fun apps & games, buy, and play with them immediately, I don’t believe that anyone could look at all their options (e.g. iPhone and Droid) and choose a “crippled” Windows Mobile 7 phone over them.
Update: http://twitter.com/wp7dev/status/10005356682 there will be a marketplace. WOOT!

All in all, it’s an extremely exciting announcement, and I hope that everyone sees the potential like I do.

I leave you with a demo of the Windows Mobile 7 phone: