A long time ago, I was a Linux enthusiast. I grew up in a time where all the cool geeks hated Microsoft, but we didn’t really know why. So, we looked to Linux to save us from the evil corporation, and we installed Linux distributions on our extra hardware or dual booted it. We lived in shell accounts and command lines and secretly dreamed of graphics. At some point in my life, probably when XNA came out, I changed my viewpoints. Now, most people would label me a Microsoft “fanboy”, but I am not convinced that is the case. Closer to the truth is the fact that Google has been scaring me for some time with how much data they’re collecting, and they have been retiring tools left and right. I have been slowly moving all of my services to the Microsoft stack and it has meant a better experience so far. I switched from Gmail.com to Outlook.com a while back and love it, switched from Google.com to Bing.com and love it, and I barely used Google docs, but I find that the Skydrive document interface is a lot closer to office anyway! The one thing I still use for the majority of my web browsing has been Chrome. Until yesterday.

I made the switch! I got the patch! I went cold turkey! Whatever!

The worst of it is that I miss my Ctrl-K shortcut, but I have been dealing just fine. Favorite sync isn’t there yet, but there are ways to do it. If I find that I really do need it, I can always change my favorites to point to my Dropbox folder. It’s not a scary thing. It’s just a web browser, right?

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